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Large private open-air bath-enjoying luxury with plenty of sources


A small inn in the mountains where a couple wants to spend time without water, and a family can spend time relaxing without water and deepen family ties.Umegashima Hot water of Konya Onsen is one of the leading alkaline sulfur springs in Japan with a pH of 10.3.There are many customers who visit repeatedly without getting bored no matter how many times they enter.

The Okuzashiki in Shizuoka City is the source Abe RiverA place where you can quietly check only the hot springs and nature ~~ Welcome to Umegashima Konya Onsen

A hot spring that gently warms up to the core of your body.Corona offer two private open-air baths and two open-air baths, two rock baths, so that you can take a bath safely even if the Corona over.
Each bathtub is large enough for 6 to 7 people.During the time, you can freely charter a vacant private bath.*In July 2020, the bathroom and bathtub were completely renovated.
You can enjoy all of the bathtubs in Japan with the strong alkaline hot spring of pH 10.3 that is one of the best in Japan.

◇One of the most attractive hot springs in Japan, PH10 / 3.◇
Please fully enjoy the beautiful nature and the taste of the mountains.
Leave yourself to the boiling water and enjoy the best time with the greenery of the mountains and the hot water.
An inn in the back of the Abe River, a secret hot spring inn"Ohnogiso"

◇Umegashima Onsen Village Umegashima Konya Onsen◇
Source name = Konya (Onogi) Umegashima Konya No. 2(No. 150701)
Alkaline simple sulfur spring Ph10.3. Source temperature 31.7 ℃
Indications by spring type:Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis vulgaris, chronic eczema, epidermal suppuration(From hot spring analysis book No. 150701)

"Konya no Yu" is a miracle hot water.The legend of Konya has been connected by the Kanabori people since the Edo period.

  • It is said that the history of the miraculous hot Konya Onsen"Konya Onsen" has been around since the Edo period.

    The history of Konya no Yu dates back to the Edo period.It is believed that when many Kanabori people migrated to Umegashima, which was known for producing gold, and were exploring, the Kanabori people named it "Konya" from the valley of gold.Konya Stream has a short river length, but it is said that the mountain is more like a long waterfall than an approaching valley as if a folding screen was set up immediately after joining the Abe River.There is a fan-shaped collapsed area at the water source, and a hot spring that is dyed white with the flowers of hot water comes out from the main part.This hot water has medicinal properties, and people who came to this hot water from afar because they used to heal a serious injury that pierced the instep by stepping on a 5 inch nail without purulation. There were many, according to the biography.

◇Sales measures based on priority measures such as spread prevention◇

  • ◇Sales measures based on priority measures such as spread prevention◇Alcohol is only served to guests.

    1. Before and after work of staff, before and after work and service provision, practice diligent hand washing and disinfection.
    2. Temperature measurement of customers visiting the store,Disinfection of fingers.Please wear a mask in this facility.
    3. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of places that people often touch.Careful disinfection and cleaning of guest rooms.
    4. Check the daily health of staff.
    5. Improvement of Three Cs
    ◆Corona over, all of the communal baths are reserved so that you can use the hot springs with peace of mind.In addition, we have reduced the capacity to less than half and refurbished the guest rooms so that up to 5 groups of guests can enjoy the hot springs with peace of mind and grace.Private baths are disinfected and cleaned for each customer. Ohnogiso     

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Hotel Name

Private bath Ohnogiso


4269-10 Umegashima, Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number

054-269-2224 (FAX) 05031561263


Free transfer available (fixed transfer time).)
JR Shizuoka Station north for about 47 km to Umegashima Onsen along the Abe River River.

There is a transfer(Reservation required.)*Even a small number of people will pick you up from Shizuoka Station.
If you wish to pick up and drop off, please make a reservation at least one week before your stay.
Ohnogiso free shuttle bus 13:00 shot → inn 14:10 Korochaku/Departure from inn 10:00 → arrive at JR Shizuoka Station 11:10.
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Enjoy Umegashima Onsen Village◆Designated by the Ministry of the Environment"National Recreation Onsen Area"◆

  • Umegashima Tourism

    The Oku Zashiki Umegashima Onsen Village in Shizuoka is located 40 km north of Shizuoka City along the Abe River River.
    Umegashima Konya Onsen is a terrain where you can enjoy nature in a peaceful environment with Umegashima Campground, Konya no Sato Tennis Court, several villas and private houses along with Umezono, Sakura Park, Akamizu Falls and places to stop. It has become.
    If you head north along the Abe River River for about 3 km, there are facilities for children and the elderly who can enjoy Toto no Sato and Toto no Sato and the Kogane-no-yu.
    In addition, the Umegashima Onsen direction to north 6 kilometers, Abe no Otaki Falls Yamanashi Prefecture in concert Prefecture Sakai drive to Abe Pass of 100 election waterfall, you may wish to Oya Collapse of Japan’s Three Great Collapse it can.

Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Reception:9:00 to 21:00*There is a possibility that you can make a reservation by phone even if the room is full.