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"Yama" cuisine and Shizuoka's famous sake.

Umegashima's ingredients include wasabi, tea, log shiitake mushrooms, and yamame trout, which are Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.
We prepare it so that customers can enjoy it many times.
Seasonal ingredients are cooked fresh and served to customers.

The hearth that connects people is like that.A place that reminds us of the daily culture of Japan.

The room in the hearth of the special room is decorated with straws, mortars, old-fashioned saws and rain gear.
Wallage, mortar, ancient saws, rain gear, etc. are displayed.
Sit in the hearth while eating while watching the tools that hunters and farmers once used,
It gives you a warm feeling for the taste of the season.
(Summer is closed.Limited to one group per day.)
  • Fresh ingredients grown in Umegashima's nature and beautiful water

    An original Japanese food that brings the life of the mountain to the seasonal taste.
    If you listen carefully before cooking, you will hear the surrounding sounds of the ingredients.
    The taste of nature grown in Umegashima.
    From March to June, you can enjoy abundant wild plants and sashimi of fresh river fish.
    The owner says that the taste is simple and natural, so I want you to taste it simply.
    Yamameme sashimi and Yamameme grilled with salt are classic.Fresh mountain maiden fish grown in the clean natural water that springs from the foot of the mountains of Umegashima
    You can also enjoy the bone liquor of Yamame fish and seasonal country dishes using locally produced wild plants and mushrooms.

    We purchase fresh ingredients from farmers in Umegashima and make them with sincerity to make our customers happy.
    We are aiming to provide homely warm hospitality that only a small inn can offer, so that everyone can smile and want to eat again.

    Suruga Bay fresh sashimi from Suruga Bay is exceptional when it's eaten Umegashima the seaweed in Umegashima.
    Additional food for hors d'oeuvres can be prepared by reservation, such as for celebrations.

    Please enjoy the original Japanese food with plenty of Umegashima ingredients.
    • menu

      Lively appetizer

      Umegashima wasabi/yam/Log Shiitake/Yamame etc.

      Ieyasu's Kamon Hot Pot

      Umegashima is called "Ieyasu and Shingen's Kassen Hot Pot, " which uses Suruga Shamo Chicken Umegashima and Yunoha from Minobu, and is served with homemade ponzu Ieyasu and Shingen's Kassen Hot Pot.We also have wasabi from Produced in Umegashima as a condiment.

      Suruga Shamo Chicken

      Of the pure line Shamo Shamo Chicken, Kurozasa Kurozasa and black Hinai Chicken in the center of the Shamo Chicken with wings, crossed the chicken the seven referred to as "delicious" in Japan such as Nagoya species piled up training called, 1990 In the year, "Suruga Shamo Chicken" was born as a Shizuoka Chicken with black wings, which is rare in Japan.


      Shinabe / wild boar
  • We prepared a famous sake from Shizuoka prefecture for the Umegashima cuisine.

    We can always guide you about 10 kinds of pure rice sake or more.You can also enjoy good sake.
    I would like half-price for regular sake at half price.
    Other wine champagne bottles are also available.
    • Famous sake


      Shosetsu Pure rice ginjo/Pure rice


      Kikuyoi Pure Rice Ginjo/Shidaizumi Pure rice ginjo/Hatsukame Pure Rice Ginjo


      Isojiman Pure Rice Ginjo


      Kunpai pure rice ginjo(Abe no Shizuku)


      Kokko Pure Rice Ginjo


      Kaiun brewing
  • Hearth / Barbecue(By appointment only)

    You can enjoy meals in the hearth by reservation.
    Surround the charcoal fire and have a conversation with the owner.
    Grilled sushi pot and yamame trout.Take sake...

    A barbecue with a large hearth, a large pot, and a large iron plate.
    Nostalgic countryside away from the country.
    You can enjoy the deliciousness of the mountain several times.

    Have a meal and barbecue in summer.
    Surround the boar with a large hearth.Surrounding the boar is grilled yamameme.
    Make charcoal-grown yamame trout wild. "Gabri"
    The sake ``Kappo Sake'', which is made with bamboo, is very popular!
    • Available Period(By appointment only)


      Late September to late June


      Early July-early September
  • Secret wasabi pasta

    Using plenty of wasabi from Produced in Umegashima Abeoku Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems,
    Commercialized "secret hot water wasabi pasta".

    ・Sponsored by Konya Onsen Association November 17, 2017
    ・Specialties at each store- Masayuki Okuda Italian chef devised- Utogi wasabi from Utogi and Umegashima