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Hot Springs

Enjoy Umegashima's hot springs four times in four family baths.

You can enjoy Konya Onsen with 4 private baths.

Among the four sources of Umegashima Onsen Village, Umegashima Konya Onsen has the leading pH of 10.3 in Japan, and has the characteristic of enveloping the body with moderate alkalinity.
A rich spring quality unique to Umegashima, which contains plenty of natural lotion.
Due to its hypotonicity, hot spring ingredients adhere to the skin surface, allowing you to experience the outstanding quality of protecting the moisture inside the skin.

The open-air bath is a large rock bath where 6 to 7 people can relax.
An open-air forest bath where negative ions are likely to fly like powder snow.

One of Japan's leading strong alkaline hot springs cleans the skin surface and helps metabolism.
The hypotonic feature also softens the keratin and protects the moisture on the inside of the skin surface, and the natural lotion component coats the skin.

An open-air bath handmade by the owner.

By soaking yourself in the open-air bath every day, this open-air bath was completed after 20 years of research on the angle of stones, the degree of sitting, the depth of the bath, and the temperature of the hot water.
The trees in the garden are carefully lined up so that customers do not get tired of them.
The stars, mountain shadows, and moons that you can see from the open-air bath make you forget the passage of time.

We will show you 2 private open-air baths, 2 open-air baths, and 4 private baths.
Both the indoor rock bath and the open-air bath are spacious enough for 6 to 7 people to soak in.
The aisle is a bamboo trampling slope.
  • Tori-no-yu

  • Kaze-no-yu

    Holy gift of angels...
    A mesmerizing tone created by the breeze...
    Wind chimes made from French-born bamboo... Healing wind chimes
  • Tsuki-no-yu

  • Day trip hot spring bathing fee(Reservation required)

    ◆◆Reservations are required for both day trips and accommodations.◆◆

    【Lunch break + private room】
    After 11:00 to 15:00 (up to 4 hours), extension is possible depending on availability
    From 7,000 yen plus tax (with meal / towel / bath towel) Yukata (400 yen per piece), bedding not included
    *Extension fee:1 person 1 hour/1,000 yen excluding tax

    【Night break + private room】
    From 15:00 to 22:00(Up to 7 hours)
    Tax-excluded 10,000 yen (meal / yukata / towel / bath towel included)
  • History of Konya hot spring

    Once upon a time, Konya Onsen was used by wounded Takeda soldiers to treat wounds.
    The first had been引湯the Eirenji Temple before SpA Konya Stream
    It is said that this hot water works well for bruises and cuts.
    It is said that healed only with this hot water, and people came from all over the world to fetch hot water.
    Today, about 30 years ago, the city explored the Onoki area and succeeded.
    After that, 60 L of hot water boiled out every minute.
    If you put the pump in, 400L seems to be solid...(Shizuoka Shimbun article)
    The history of Konya Onsen is also included in the Umegashima Village Journal and Shizuoka Shimbun articles 30 years ago.
  • Survey and test results in a well

    [Source name]Onogi Umegashima Konya No. 2
    [Survey date]November 25, 2005
    [Izumi temperature]31.4 ° C
    [Amount of discharge]162L / min
    [Perceptual test]Almost colorless and transparent / tasteless / smell of hydrogen sulfide / no gas generation
    [Hydrogen ion concentration(pH value)]10.3
    [Hot Spring Qualities]Alkaline simple sulfur hot spring
    [Efficacy]Chronic gynecological disease/Chronic digestive disease/Diabetes/Other atopic dermatitis/Psoriasis vulgaris/Chronic eczema/Epidermolysis
    (From hot spring analysis book No. 150701)

    Use of 100% natural hot spring source (Partial circulation heating and flowing.)

Hot Springs

Umegashima Konya Onsen (100% natural hot spring)*Not including artificial hot spring

Private Bath

Yes(There is a condition)
[Open-air bath]mixed bathing:2 "Indoor bath" mixed bath:2

Bath usage conditions

Available time:Until 23:00

Hot spring tax

Hot spring tax Adult 150 yen will be charged separately.


shampoo/rinse/Full body soap

Corona measures

After renting one group for each customer, we clean and disinfect with alcohol.