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We will prepare it wholeheartedly.

Opened January 1, 1976.A small inn with 6 Japanese-style rooms.The real charm of the ryokan is the wooden structure.
We are creating a space where you can spend a comfortable time as if you were returning to your relatives.
The room is not made with high-quality artificial decoration,
It was designed with the idea of a spacious room where you can lie on a tatami mat in a large size without wasting anything.
*All rooms were renewed in October 2018.

All 6 guest rooms.

The wooden 2-story building will make every guest comfortable in this clean facility.

Please inform us at the time of booking if you are going to have a small child or if you are using for a drinking party in a group.
We will prepare a room with consideration.

Toilets in all rooms,Equipped with a refrigerator.We recommend a beauty essence in the washroom.
All rooms are over 25 square meters and you can get a good night's sleep with high quality futon.
The Ryukyu tatami mat is comfortable and the night breeze after the bath is exceptional.You can also enjoy the night starry sky.

Please call to make a reservation.
*On the Internet, you may be able to receive a telephone reservation even if the room is full.
  • “Iwashajin” no Ma

    Number of floors
    25 square meters
    【Cot(Reservation required)】
    If requested, a cot can be prepared for +500 yen.
  • “Shakunage” no Ma

    Number of floors
    25 square meters
    【Cot(Reservation required)】
    If requested, a cot can be prepared for +500 yen.
  • “Jumaisan” no Ma

    It was completed in an atmosphere reminiscent of a castle.
    I used the name in association with the twin mountain "Mt Jumai" that boasts Umegashima.
    Number of floors
    46 square meters
  • “Higashimine” no Ma

    We named the representative mountain of Umegashima, "Higashimine".
    Number of floors
    29 m2
  • “Hinoki” no Ma

    Number of floors
    46 square meters(With rim)
  • “Sugi”no Ma

    Number of floors
    18 square meters + flooring 7 square meters(With rim)
  • Call to make a reservation.

    【Standard】(Telephone reservation)
    1 person(1 Night/ 2 Meals):From 17,000 yen
    *Hotel's Choice of Room

    【Color】(By appointment only)
    1 person(1 Night/ 2 Meals):From 19,000 yen
    Room designation:+ 1,000 yen
    From late September to late June.

    【Special menu】
    By reservation only, we can prepare hors d'oeuvres according to your budget.
    For celebrations, you can also have a platter of sashimi.

    Tel:054-269-2224(From 9:00 to 21:00)

  • Ohnogiso cancellation policy

    【Cancellation Fee】
    From 7 days to 4 days prior:20% of room rate
    From 3 days to 2 days prior:30% of room rate
    The day before:70% of room rate
    Cancellation on the day/no contact:100% of room rate

    【Group cancellation fee】(Reservations for groups of 8 people or more)
    From 14 days to 8 days prior:10% of room rate
    7 Days Before:30% of room rate
    From 6 days to 2 days prior:80% of room rate
    The day before / the day:100% of room rate
    Cancellation without any contact:100% of room rate
    Cancellation policy on this page(What are cancellation rules?)
    "Reserving by telephone, reservation from Ohnogiso Official website" refers to the.
    Booking through a travel agency or online travel agent (Jalan, Rakuten Travel, JTB, etc.)
    Cancellation policies may vary.
  • Cancellation fee payment method

    【For regular reservations】
    Please transfer to the bank account you will contact within 7 days.

    【Cancellation fee calculation method】
    We will calculate the cancellation fee based on the date of stay regardless of whether you cancel your reservation or change during your stay.
    If there is a change in the schedule during the stay, the cancellation fee will be calculated from the date of the intention to cancel.

    In case of cancellation, please inform us as soon as possible and it will be a benefit to our customers.
    When staying for 2 nights and 3 days, if you said "I will not stay for 2 nights" on 1 night,
    The cancellation fee of the previous day will be 70%, but if you say "I will not stay today" in the morning of 1 night and 2 nights,
    The cancellation fee will be 100% on the day.

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 6:Western-style room 0/7 Japanese-style rooms/Japanese + Western room 0/Other 1 room

Room supplement

There are 25 to 46 square meters of Japanese-style rooms.

Standard room equipment

All rooms air conditioner / heating / TV / empty refrigerator / toilet / washbasin / Wi-Fi available / wireless LAN (Please bring your own PC.)

Internet related

All rooms available
[Connection method]Wireless LAN
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free
There is a refrigerator in each room.Free to use.


Hand towel/Toothbrush and toothpaste/bath towel/shampoo/rinse/Body soap/yukata/Duvet/Shaving/Shower toilet/Shower cap/Cotton swab/Comb / Brush

Facility contents

ground/hearth/banquet hall/Karaoke facility(Pay)/BBQ(Pay)/non-smoking room/ice(Ice is given at the front desk)

Service & leisure(Including arrangement)

Massage (pay, reservation required, only when booking a room) / Fishing (pay) / Soba (pay) / Day use (pay) / Go / Mahjong / Grand / Tennis(Pay)

Credit cards that can be used locally

Visa / Master/UC

Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time


amenities supplement

Refrigerator is fully equipped in this facility.Please feel free to use it.
I own a grand golf course.
It is free to use and free to rent clubs and balls.
We have various female amenities and men's beard sledges.

Smoking or Non-smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the room.Please use the terrace at the entrance.